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#155 Thank You, Tractor


Sven and Emma came back to get me and they brought Caro and Konsti with them and a lot of other people. 

I didn’t know what to say to them when they got back, so I just told them The river pushed me on my side and I’m really happy to see you again

We are too, Big Emma, said Sven, but we need to figure out how to move you. Just wait here a bit.

And then they came back with all these people and a car called a tractor. The tractor said something to me but it was all in Spanish. I told the tractor, I’m still learning Spanish, do you know English? But I don’t think it did because it didn’t answer me. 

All of the humans attached a rope to my underside and to the tractor. You got this, Big Emma, said Emma, the tractor is really strong and can get you out of here! I wanted to help them, but I couldn’t move at all like this on my side. I told them Watch out I don’t want to tip over to the other side! But the tractor was careful and I tipped back onto my wheels. It felt really really good to be back on my wheels.

I told them, I’m sorry I can’t drive myself, my engine doesn’t run right now. So they towed me all the way out of the river. They were all very nice about me not being able to use my engine.

I’m tired, I told Sven. He said, That’s okay, Big Emma, you did everything you had to. You can rest now. 

Okay, I told him. I knew you guys would rescue me. 


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