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#154 This Is What Forever Feels Like


I hope Emma and Sven come back soon. I hope they got to the road. I wish I was on the road. I think I’m at the bottom of this angry river. I wish the river would feel better and calm down.

I don’t like being all alone. Eduardo doesn’t say anything so he also is horrible at making me feel better.

The river tipped me on my side. I tried to tell it No I don’t belong on my side what are you doing? But it didn’t even care. I can’t get up by myself. I hope Sven can lift me when he comes back.

I wondered if this means I can’t go to Argentina. I don’t think I can go like this. And everything feels bad. My engine and my insides and I think I broke one of my windows. But if I can’t go to Argentina where are Sven and Emma going to live? What if I have to stay here forever?

I thought about what forever would feel like.

Well, in case I have to stay here forever, I better get used to it I told me. But then I didn’t know how to get used to it because I really didn’t like it here.

Well, Emma says when you’re in a new place you should learn the language so you can make new friends. So I waited a while until a fish swam by and said Hello fish, I live here now too! Can you teach me how to live in a river? But the fish didn’t care just like the river. People are rude at the bottom of rivers. Maybe they don’t like being here either.

Well I always wondered what it would be like to swim so I guess now I get to learn I told the rude fish. But then I realized I can’t move and swimming is hard, so I just kept being on my side.

I hope Sven and Emma come back soon. I told them I’d be right here.


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  1. I think Big Emma really knew that Emma and Sven would not lever her there alone forever.
    They would never leave her all alone for too long.

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