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#143 Sven Said I Could Get Eaten by Crocodiles


I like Belize because we are in the jungle a lot, and I’ve been excited to go to the jungle since almost forever because it’s not the ocean and there is nothing stupid here like rust or surfing.

And so I was camping here in the jungle enjoying how far away we are from the ocean and then I thought I saw a baby dinosaur! It looked exactly like Emma said it should look except that it was very small, not even as long as I am. And so I asked it nicely, Hello dinosaur, are you dead like a zombie?

And then Sven said That’s not a dinosaur, it’s a crocodile, Big Emma! And if you get too close it will eat you! I was really worried about getting eaten and then he told me that he was just kidding and that crocodiles don’t eat Buses. But what if you’re wrong and they do eat me? I asked him.

Now I’m not so sure if the jungle is better than the ocean if I could get eaten by a crocodile. So I told the crocodile, If you try to eat me I’ll run you over.



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