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#122 Parking isn’t Always Bad


Okay, there is a lot to catch up on!

First of all, Emma’s parents left again. I wanted to say goodbye so I took them to the aeroport. Second of all, Emma told me the other day that we would still stay in this place by the ocean. Third of all, I still don’t have to park by the ocean! I get to park next to a nice house in the forest! Fourth of all, I have company this time! Not like it was in stupid Guadalahara! Fifth of all, the company is the 4Runner, our friends Klim and Alex’s car! He doesn’t say a lot but he is a nice guy to be around and I think we can be good parking mates for the time. Sixth of all is that I never knew that I could say so many “of all” numbers!

Anyways, so I’m going to park here with the 4Runner while Emma and Sven stay in the house. I know I said houses are stupid earlier, but I don’t really think houses are that stupid. I mean, camping with me is definitely better, but this house isn’t in the middle of the city – it’s in the jungle, just like if we were camping! And I didn’t like Guadalahara where people break into my windows. Here we have a nice gate so we have everything all to ourselves. And Sven and Emma promised to spend time with me even if they were going to stay in the house.


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