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#103 Yay we Went Driving Together Again!

Things are looking up! Emma said we are leaving Guadalahara really really soon! And then we will get to do adventures and camp and everything will be back to normal! I was afraid my humans would want to stay here forever. I’m glad they don’t because even if I do get to stay in the kitchen at night I don’t want to stay in stupid Guadalahara forever.
But we also went out to take an excursion! We drove around together for almost 5 hours! That’s a lot more time than they have spent with me since we got to this city.
We went to a place called Tlalalacacpeke or something like that. It is funny, because it has houses with pigs that keep watch on the roof all the time. I told Sven we should get some pigs to keep watch on my roof, too.

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