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#90 But What about the Prius?!?

I really like traveling with my friends Alex and Klim again. But there was one thing I really didn’t understand! I asked What happened to your Prius?
We’ve traveled together up in Alaska (they came up the Dalton Highway with us, but they left their car behind because I’m taller), and we traveled with them in Oregon. But back then they had a Prius. I mean, I wasn’t really good friends with the Prius, but still, where did it go? Now they have a car called 4Runner.
I asked Emma about it. She said that sometimes humans trade in their cars for other cars, and that our friends did that because it was better to travel through Mexico with 4Runner. I was like But that seems so stupid! Will you ever trade me in for a different car? But Emma said Don’t worry Big Emma, we will never ever do that.

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