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#88 Don’t Worry we Made it Across the Ocean Everybody

See, we made it across the ocean! I knew we would, I wasn’t scared for a minute!
I didn’t even have to look at the ocean! Sven drove me down into the boat (it was a really big boat, a lot bigger than me), and there were no windows so I could just hang out and talk to the other cars. And guess what? Our friends from before came with us (they are some of my favorite traveling humans!), so I could park next to their car the whole time! The only part I didn’t like was that Emma and Sven weren’t allowed to come down and visit me. The people who had the boat wanted to keep all of the humans and cars separate except for when we were parking!
And now we are in the rest of Mexico! This is a place called San Blas. Everything looks a little different in this part of Mexico than it did before. There are a lot less cactuses, and a lot more palm trees. And everything is more green, and not as brown as before. I wonder if I’ll like it here.

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