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#18 Good Mood Me


I am in a good mood! Emma just told me that they miss me. She said houses are nice, but there is nothing like living in me. She said that there are a lot of ways that I am more convenient than a stupid house! Like that they don’t even have to leave the bed to reach the cleaning sticks they need all the time.

And they said that we will leave tomorrow! And it’s sunny, not raining today! So I thought I’d show you this picture, of me just being funny. It looks like I might be broken, but I’m not! Shameem’s house just has some strange glass (I’m glad my glass isn’t like that, you could never see where you’re driving! See how convenient I am?!). Anyways, it’s funny because it makes me look all wobbly (but don’t worry, I’m not actually wobbly!).

Meep meep!


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