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#106 We should Always do What I Say

So here’s another picture of beautiful Guanahato, because I just look so beautiful here!
There is one thing that I don’t like so much about Guanahato. It kind of has a lot of hills. Now, I am good at hills, I’m really really strong and like to show everybody how well I can go up them, even if I have to go slow. But there were some hills I just didn’t want to go up in Guanahato, because I thought they were stupid.
See, to get to our really nice campspot, we had to go up this really big hill. I told Sven that I didn’t really want to but he insisted we go up it anyways. So half way up when it got really steep I told him I don’t want to go this way! And stopped driving. So Sven had to back me up and went a different way and I told him again that I didn’t really want to but he insisted again so we went up it and then i said I DONT WANT TO GO THIS WAY EITHER! So I made us go a different way (the way only cars from the other direction are supposed to go) and we got there just fine. We should always do it my way, because my way is always the best.

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